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Our Duett™ Circular Tampon* device has not been evaluated or cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This device is not for sale or distribution in the United States.

What is the circular tampon?

The Circular Tampon is a patented, innovative design for feminine hygiene that combines features of a diaphragm and a tampon. The Circular Tampon is not intended for birth-control.

How does the Circular Tampon work?

The Circular Tampon is designed with a flexible ring that holds an absorbent pad. The Circular Tampon is intended to be positioned at the cervix through which blood from the uterus flows during menstruation, and where the natural folds of the anatomy secure the device in place.

What are the intended advantages of the circular tampon over conventional period products?

The Circular Tampon design is intended to offer several advantages including: the ability for women to have sex during their period, less chance of dislodging and leaking, and less chance of spills during removal.

What materials are used in the circular tampon?

The Circular Tampon is designed to be manufactured from non-toxic materials used in other feminine hygiene products, such as medical-grade silicone and cotton absorbents.

Is the circular tampon reusable?

The current design of the Circular Tampon is intended as a disposable product that would be replaced like a tampon.

Is the circular Tampon eco-friendly?

Although cotton absorbents are biodegradable, medical-grade silicone is not biodegradable. Silicone may be considered eco-friendlier than plastics that can break into microparticles and enter the food chain. Silicone resists micro-particle reduction and when it eventually degrades its components include silica (sand), water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Isn’t the Circular tampon the same as the FLEX™ Disc?

No. Although both devices are designed to be positioned at the cervix, the FLEX™ Disc fills like a menstrual cup rather than absorbs menses. The FLEX™ Disc is essentially a version of an old product, the SoftCup (also known as SoftDisc) which the The Flex Company acquired in 2016. As you can imagine, the removal of a non-absorbent cup filled with blood from the cervix can lead to frustrating and embarrassing spillage, particularly if you are in a public restroom at the time. We believe that the design of our Circular Tampon, and improvements that we are currently making, will offer women a life-changing solution for period protection.

Where can I buy the Circular Tampon?

Our Circular Tampon is not for sale at this time. As with other period products like conventional tampons and cups, our Circular Tampon must be evaluated and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before it can be marketed and sold in the US. We invite you to sign-up for our occasional newsletter at the right of our Contact form for updates on our progress.